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Which WordPress Page Builder is Better, Divi Builder vs Elementor

Divi Builder vs Elementor vs WpBakery, which one is the best Wordpress page builder?


Hello from ICEINK. In this blog entry, we would like to share with you the differences between 2 powerful WordPress page builder, Divi Builder vs Elementor. In general, both page builder is easy to use and can integrates with many other WordPress plugin such as Woocommerce (to create an e-commerce site). We have many experience using both page builder (and also WPBakery) in our development. So, which one is better?

Divi Builder vs Elementor Explanation

When it comes to WordPress web development, we need to find out what are we building, is it a simple web page or a complex web creation. There are several key area to differentiate between Divi Builder vs Elementor.

1. Divi has simpler builder approach

For us, Divi builder is very easy to use. If you’re designer who have experience is using Adobe Photoshop, the approach is a lil bit similar where you are implementing the design using layer by layer. They are divided into Section (fullwidth or boxed), Row (can choose types of columns) and module. You can drag and drop the all items to create your own design. We love using Divi builder to ensure our clients easy to maintain the site. The builder is really straight forward where you can start design your page in the page editor directly.

You can also directly design your site in the frontend (no need to design your site in the WordPress dashboard anymore). This is very useful because sometimes, we just need to adjust a bit or CSS (let say, adjusting padding and margin for a lil bit). With Divi Builder, you can amend the design in the front and see how it will looks like straight away.

2. Speed & SEO Friendly

Website loading speed is one of the key to get better SEO ranking for your site. Divi builder already have the options to enhance your website performance such as Defer Gutenberg Block CSS options, removes unused JavaScript options, defer jQuery And jQuery Migrate functions, enqueue jQuery compatibility script functions and many more. This can improve your site loading speed and also help your SEO performance.

For SEO, we usually use RankMath SEO Pro plugin. Luckily, Divi builder really works well with Rankmath SEO plugin. This is very helpful for us to take care our clients SEO performance.

3. Good Value For Money

There are certain cost for us to build a website. With Divi Lifetime license (USD249 lifetime), we can create as many website as we can using just one license. We are using this Divi license for most of our client website. As mention previously, we can produce whatever design or style using Divi builder (just drag and drop). If you want to try it, you can subscribe with their yearly subscription for USD89. Their support is very fast and responsive.

4. Create Your Own Woocommerce Layout

divi builder woocommerceIf you familiar with Woocommerce plugin, you will notice that most of the e-commerce site built with WordPress are using the same layout and design. You can still edit the layout, only if you know a bit about PHP and CSS knowledge. With Divi Builder, you can just drag and drop the whole Woocommerce layout! This is pretty awesome since we can get rid of ‘boring’ Woocommerce layout. Not only that, you can also redesign the cart and checkout page layout as well using Divi builder.

5. Store & Copy Templates On The Go

Divi builder also have a function to save your page layout in the Divi library, so you can use the template back on the new page or post that you create. This will speed up your development work. Not only that, Divi builder have the ability to create your own Header and Footer (as always, by drag and drop only). This global header and footer will replace the default Divi header and footer and you can design based on your creativity without installing any other plugin.

6. Huge Divi Marketplace

Maybe you want more features on your website. Divi have very big marketplace where people around the world (the Divi community) are contributing the Divi addon at the Divi marketplace. Let say you want better mega menu for your site (divi has their own mega menu function), you can find it at Divi Marketplace. You can also find the Divi layout/design at the marketplace, just in case you don’t want to design the site from scratch. Overall, we are very happy to use Divi builder. Get yours now.


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