July 4, 2021 Enrique Iceglesias

WP Introduction : WordPress Dashboard At a Glance


In this blog, we will show you the WordPress dashboard (or we can call it wordpress admin) interface (the video is in Malay language). WordPress is widely used to create beautiful website. In this basic tutorial, we will understand more how to create blogs, pages, header & footer. In other words, this is the WordPress introduction.

"Wordpress is easy to maintain, so we don’t need to hire developer to take care of our website. We can now just drag & drop!"

Shiv Khera

Another thing that we love about WordPress is the huge choice of plugins. We can integrate our site with Google Analytics, we can also accept online transaction by using Woocommerce plugin or if you love to custom code, you can still customize the code in the backend. With the latest blocks system, it is easier for us to customize the page templates.

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