January 10, 2023 Enrique Iceglesias

Website Design Idea For Gym Equipment Supplier

best approach to design your e-commerce website for gym equipment supplier


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Hello from ICEINK. In this blog entry, we would like to share with you about the best approach or features that we think suitable for gym supplier e-commerce website. In 2022, we had a chance to design an e-commerce site for Malaysia gym supplier, www.f1-recreation.com.my. They have about 150++ products, mainly focus on home & commercial fitness equipment. The best part is, they give freedom to us to change their corporate color, so we change it to black and light green because we think it is such a refreshing color (before this, the corporate color is black and red).

It took us about 3 months to settle all the design & development. They are still with us for any web and SEO maintenance. Furthermore, they are engaging with one of our partner at www.penandpaper.com.my to handle any digital marketing works such as Facebook page management, Instagram account management and Tiktok account management (yeah, they are very good at digital marketing. Fully recommended).

Without further ado, Let us share with you about website design idea for Gym Equipment Supplier.

website design idea for gym equipment



One think we notice about gym equipment are, the product price is quite pricey. The price range is from RM500 to RM70,000 per product/machine. So, how we tackle this?

1. Find best payment gateway that can handle big amount transaction

In this site, we use at least 3 payment gateway (all three are local since they only sell the item in Malaysia). In handling big amount transaction, we use Curlec (by Razorpay) to enable installment payment (something like ‘buy now, pay later’ concept). In other words, user can choose to pay monthly installment rather than pay in lumpsum price.

2. Make use of mega menu function

In order to show all products and category in one-go, we choose to use mega menu features. With this mega menu, user dont need to find and click one by one. They can see all category or brand straight away.

3. Integrates with Instagram account (live)

Another improvement that we put is to integrate the site with their Instagram account. In other words, whenever they update their Instagram account, the update will appear on the website.

4. Custom shipping and delivery method

We do notice that, since the product is expensive and heavy, they need some kind of function for insurance. By default, the CMS (woocommerce) doesnt have this function, so we create it with our custom code. This is include for delivery insurance, fuel surcharge and handling fee. The actual price for those 3 items will be different based on product price and weight.

5. Customer Review Function

By default, Woocommerce have their own function for customer review. But, we use the better version of customer review function where it can appear all the customer review on front page. Furthermore, this function enable user to get some discount or coupon when they give review on the products. The review must also enable for only user who already buy the product.


For full e-commerce development features, you can see here. You can also contact us at sales@iceink.com.my or straight away Whatsapp us at +6011-2839 9361.


At ICEINK, we take care your website from emails, databases, web file, design, search engine optimization (SEO), payment gateways integration and many thing related to website design & development.

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