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Website Design Idea For Clinics and Hospital

best approach to design your e-commerce website for clinics and hospital


Hello from ICEINK. In this blog entry, we would like to share with you about the best approach or features that we think suitable for clinics and hospitals website (Website Design Idea For Clinics and Hospital). In 2019, we had a chance to redesign a website for Hospital UMRA, Shah Alam. Their traffic is quite high because the hospital is quite famous in Selangor and Klang Valley. We took about 2 months to redevelop and redesign the site.

Their specialties is in obstetrics / gynaecology, paediatrics, internal medicine / geriatrics, general surgery, plastic surgery and anesthesiology. Overall, they provide one-stop medical care at affordable rates to their clients.

Website Design Idea For Clinics and Hospital


One think we notice about clinics and hospital is they normally have many specialties and services that they provide to clients. So, when designing the site for them, we need to make sure that their content or services are well-structured and easy for user to navigate.

1. Make Use Of Mega Menu Function

To design a website with a lot of specialties and services, we need to use mega menu function. With mega menu enabled, user can hover on the specialties menu and they can see all the specialties and services that provided by the clinics or hospital. They don’t need to click here and there just to find out what services or specialties that they are looking for. This will make the site looks structured and well organized.

2. Book An Appointment Function

For us, book an appointment function is a must in designing a website for clinics and hospital. With this function, potential client can choose which doctor they want and see the date availability and start to book online. For an advanced booking form, we can include what type of services they want or what problems they have and post into that booking form.

This will also help the doctors to see what kind of problems (illness, disease etc) that the user currently have.

3. Blogs And Latest News Function

Blogs and latest news is used to share with audience about the latest updates from the clinics or hospital. It also can be used to promote any services or new products by the clinics or hospital. Instead of static page, this blogs and latest news function is dynamic where people can share the latest updates and also leave a comment to discuss more.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or we can called it SEO) is a must in every website development project that we create. With this SEO technique and the right keywords, the site will have better Google ranking for organic search. That is why, we encourage our clients to have their own blogs update so we can optimize every single page and post to get better search engine result. This SEO strategy is good for long term marketing strategy.

5. Enable Chat Function

Most of the hospitals and clinics is operate 24/7. It means, user may think that you are always there to help them. So, by enabling chat function in your site, user can interact with the web admin to answer all general question before they can procced to go to the hospitals or clinic. This is very useful for user. Sometimes, they are desperate to get info quickly.


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