March 13, 2023 Enrique Iceglesias

Web Design Idea For Travel Agency Website

best approach to design your travel agency website


Hello from ICEINK. In this blog entry, we would like to share with you about the best approach or features that we think suitable for travel agency website (Website Design Idea For Travel Agency). This travel agency site is called gojira,my, where is our side business. started in late 2021 where we start using Tiktok to promote some of local vacation places sush as Pulau Ketam, Forest City, Puteri Harbour and many more. The traffic is growing from time to time.


One think we notice about travel agency site is the large content of the site. The more content about certain places, the better. We don’t sell anything yet on thr web, but more on sharing knowledge about certain places and gain traffic and audience from that.

1. The Use Of Multi Language Function

What makes difference from any other travel blog site is we have options for Bahasa Melayu and English. This is important since we want to target Malaysia (where the national language is Malay) and outside Malaysia, where the international language is English. The content is translated manually and not using any apps like Google Translate.

2. Share & Rating Function

To get engagement with audience, the website must have sharing button and rating button so people can share the article to their social media and emails to their friends and family. This will also make better and stronger domain authority in future (domain authority is one of the element in Google Search Engine Optimization or SEO).

3. Partnership With Other Travel Agency and Affiliate (future plan) website is just started this year (2023). In the near future, we plan to partner with other travel agency around the world and also take part in any affiliate products or services that related to travel. For those who want to create travel agency site and dont have the product or services yet, you may try this strategy to0. For us, this strategy is less risk. We already contacted some of the travel agency and will execute the idea this year.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or we can called it SEO) is a must in every website development project that we create. With this SEO technique and the right keywords, the site will have better Google ranking for organic search. That is why, we encourage our clients to have their own blogs update so we can optimize every single page and post to get better search engine result. This SEO strategy is good for long term marketing strategy.

5. Combined Your Article With Video

Articles or blogs without video is plain and boring. That is why, every places that we cover, we do a simple video on any social media (in this case, we are using Tiktok platform) and share it to our followers. The video then embedded to the blog. With this strategy, the video will also get ‘extra views on the web, and in return, we get another followers on Tiktok who watch the video on our website.


For full website development features, you can see here. You can also contact us at or straight away Whatsapp us at +6011-2839 9361.


At ICEINK, we take care your website from emails, databases, web file, design, search engine optimization (SEO), payment gateways integration and many thing related to website design & development.

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