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Server Freak (Malaysia) WordPress Hosting Experience



In website building, one thing that you need to choose carefully is web hosting. Back in 2015, we had bad experience with some of web hosting provider in Malaysia. They’re cheap and their ads is everywhere, so we think that they must be good. So, we tried another 3 web hosting provider and see how things are going. The reason we need to pick up the best web hosting provider (including their support) is because it will affected our clients website. It’s real pain when the site is down, and we can’t even reach our server provider as soon as possible. So in this blog, we want to reveal the best web server options (ServerFreak) especially for WordPress.

Why We Love ServerFreak Malaysia

To be honest, we are using ServerFreak for almost 5 years. The first thing that we really amaze is their support system. We create a ticket, and they can reply to you within 10 minutes and fix the problem! They also help us a lot when the site is start slowing down. The price is affordable where you can start hosting your WordPress site for RM200++ per year. Here are some points why we love them :

  • Their amazing support system
    – As mention earlier, their technical support is really amazing! They can reply to your ticket as soon as possible. You can also reach them through their chat room where usually they can answer you within 5 minutes.
  • Easy to configure business email
    – It is easy to setting up your business email (eg: in Microsoft Outlook or Windows mail using Server Freak hosting service.
  • Special package for WordPress hosting
    – If you’re WordPress lover, then you might like their WordPress Hosting. They have 3 WordPress Hosting Package; 10GB storage, 30GB storage and 50GB storage to choose where all packages are include with SSL certificate (https). Their hosting is powered by LITESPEED with LSCache, so the loading speed is quite good. You can also run your e-commerce store with this package; either you’re using Woocommerce, Opencart or Prestashop. This package also include with 1 Free Lifetime Domain (for .com domain). 
  • Affordable price
    – the price to host your website is start from RM239 per year (10GB hosting plan), which for us, it is quite cheap actually. And of course, once your website is getting bigger, you can always ask them to move your website into bigger hosting plan.
  • 99.9% Uptime
    – With them, we dont have much problems with our clients. In our experience, some of other web hosting is very powerful in terms of their marketing strategy, but when we try them, their server is quite slow and the website is always down. And luckily, we found ServerFreak. so thats why we stick with them for almost 5 years.

How To Subcribe Server Freak Hosting?

  • First you need to go to their official portal :
  • Then Choose WordPress Hosting.
  • Then, you can choose which package you want. For starter, you can always choose 10GB server. Next, click order.
  • Next, put in your domain name. If you still don’t have domain name, you can choose to register a domain name ( they’ll check if your domain name is still available or not). If you already have a domain with MYNIC, you can choose “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers
  • Next you can configure your desired options and continue to checkout. But normally, you no need any other extra configuration if you want to develop WordPress website. So just click continue

  • The final step is to checkout. Once you click checkout, then you need to  enter your personal details and billing information to checkout. Once you make payment, you will receive CPanel access to your registered email. Then, you’re ready to go!
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