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Did you know that some of the websites are still manage to get traffic without paying for Google Ads or Facebook Ads? This is because most of them are using Google search engine optimization (known as SEO) techniques. While most of our projects are technically SEO-friendly, you still need an advanced SEO service to increase your traffic to the maximum. This will include creating blogs or articles regarding your products or other SEO service in the website and optimizing/restructuring the whole pages of your website.

Besides ranking improvement, snippets also help you stand out in the search results compared to your competitors. As an SEO Agency Johor Bahru, we helps your website rank at the TOP of the search engine result page (SERP).

Make Your Brand Discoverable on Google

Increased your brand visibility and lets potential customers reach you easily online. Your brand will get found before your competitors.

Bear in mind, SEO service is a long-term process and changes in SERPs can only be seen after a certain amount of time. It usually takes several months (six to 12 months based on SEMRush article) for websites to increase their traffic through SEO, but if they are well optimized, they will keep their positions longer.

Type of Google SEO Service

Solving Technical issue

To ensure that search engine can read your content and explore your site. We use tools like Screaming Frog and Deep Crawl to explore your website and highlight technical problems such as broken links (yes, it will affects your SEO).

On-Site Optimization

Your website should be optimized at an individual page level where we need to start with a well-structured content hierarchy for your site. The main areas to focus on are keyword research, page titles, meta descriptions, content optimization and strong calls to action.

Adding More Quality Content

You may heard that in online marketing strategy, content is a king, right? We need to add more good quality content either in blog posts or by adding pages which will represent your business.

Improve Link Building

All SEO rivers run to this one spot: authority building. Building your authority, in large part, involves link building. Links are still a crucial component to developing strong organic rankings; however, links can be the hardest part of SEO to get right.

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Our Advanced Google SEO Service (SEO Marketing)

Instead of hiring your online marketing people, you can use our SEO service to boost your business so you can always focus on other thing.

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