September 21, 2022 Enrique Iceglesias

How To Get Google Traffic Easily For Your Website?

Other than we pay for Google Ads to boost traffic, there are another way to get Google traffic easily by make use of organic keyword.


Hello from ICEINK. In this blog entry, we would like to discuss about how to get Google traffic easily without paying to Google Ads Services. Google ads services is normally use to get instant quality traffic where we can set our target audience, setting up our budget and many more. The only problem with Google Ads is their price is quite high, depending on the keyword that we want to target. Here is the example on how Google Ads looks like :

In the example above, the keyword that we try is ‘web development JB’. As you can see, there are 2 results on the top, showing the Ad symbol. This means, they are paying Google to rank their ads at the top of the search results. But, what happen with the search result without Ad symbol? That is called organic searches, or in other words, we called it Search Engine Optimization.


Good question. The answer is yes and no. Search Engine Optimization is free tools by Google. If you understand the concept and how to optimize it, you can get a very good result. But most people don’t understand on how to optimized their content and push their ranking in Google. So, if you dont understand the concept at all, you can get our SEO Package here. But in this blog, we will teach you a bit on how to rank your site higher in Google :

  • Start register your location in Google Map. Your business location (Google Map) is good for your local SEO. Local SEO is where people search the services or products near to their places. Let say you are selling Nasi Lemak Lobster in Damansara, and you already put your business in Google Map. Once people in Damansara / Petaling Jaya search in Google ‘Nasi lemak Lobster near me’. chances are, your site will be appear in the search result. This is called local SEO.
  • Create a very good page title. Good page title will give a big impact on your Google ranking. Use words that an average people know in your page title. For example, you’re an SEO expert. Instead of putting “SEO expert in Damansara”, you can put your page title as “Service To Get Google Traffic Easily in Damansara” as not many people know the terms SEO.
  • Make use of Long Tail Keyword. Short tail keyword is good, but, there are too many competitor that use short tail keyword. You need to fight with the big corporation which already use that keyword for a very long time. By using long tail keyword, you are targeting very niche audience that need your product or services. For example, let say you are running vet clinic business in Kuala Lumpur. Instead of using vet clinic (short tail keyword) for your site, you may use ‘vet clinic Kuala Lumpur’ as your keyword.
  • Make sure your page loading page is fast. This is a must to ensure that user will have good experience when browsing your site. This will also impact the SEO ranking in Google.
  • Improve domain authority. To improve your domain authority, make sure people are sharing your site or blogs on their social network or to their site. This will also impact your SEO ranking as Google will see that your content is good.


Bear in mind, SEO service is a long-term process and changes in SERPs can only be seen after a certain amount of time. It usually takes several months (six to 12 months based on SEMRush article) for websites to increase their traffic through SEO, but if they are well optimized, they will keep their positions longer.


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