November 3, 2021 Enrique Iceglesias

.com or for Malaysian Business Website?



If you have blogs or business website, choosing a good domain name should be one of your priority before doing any development or online marketing. On the Internet, domain name can be regarded as the official name or address of our business online. Hence, we always think, what is the suitable name for our website? Is it good to use .com or should we use Doesn’t .com looks more international?

Most of us think that or .my domain is expensive and the process to submit domain application is quite complicated since we need to give them a copy of our IC and business certificate (SSM). But, do we know that Malaysian domain can give bigger impact to our online business in Malaysia? Here, we explain to you why should we use / .my domain for Malaysian market :

Represent As Malaysian Company / Business

Maybe we think .com is looks more international, but, we need to think again, who is our actual target audience? If we focus on Malaysian viewers or audiences, then it is good to use Malaysia domain name to show them that we’re Malaysian company and easy for them to contact us.

Affects Our Website Ranking On Google (SEO)

Most of us don’t know that a good domain name will affects the way Google ranked our site on their search engine. Google loves targeted domain, for example It shows that our website is from Malaysia and talks/focus about bicycle, right? So, with good domain name and good content, it will improve our ranking on Google search engine from time to time.

Guaranteed By The Government

Sometimes, customers are hesitant to buy  because they don’t trust the website. Hence, any or .my domain need to be fully registered and controlled by any government entity such as MYNIC. In the event of a fraud or a scam from any or .my website, we may file a complaint with the government body and action may be taken against the owner of the domain/ website.

Sense Of Belonging

If we translate the word “MY” itself, it means that the website is belong to us. For your information, .my domain is also loved by non Malaysian becaause it looks unique and has its own meaning compared to other country domain names such as China (.CH), Indonesia (.ID), SIngapore (.SG) and many more. So, as Malaysian, we should proud with our domain name.

Wide Domain Name Option

Compare to .com domain, or .my domain are having much more name options because .com is International domain where people around the world are using it. Therefore, the choice are quite limited compared to / .my where it’s only open for Malaysian businesses or entity.

"In the information age, build a website before you build a workplace."

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